7. Resolution


I wish I could, on a weekly basis, expose my mind to the world, open for judgement and invite maybe even beg commentary on what I've written. 

Time does not allow it.


6. Knowing


December 2013.

Occasionally, or most often, and I know you've all felt this, there's a knowing deep within your gut (as we say).  We have this intrinsic ability to just know.  Some of us have tried or have been told to shut that ability off, or have allowed ourselves to become very numb to it, distrusting it, confused or overwhelmed by it.  Even then, I wonder if every cell in our body tries to convey those messages that we are meant to acknowledge with little subliminal or supraliminal flashes, stimulating low level emotional activity. Or maybe it's louder, in the physical, seemingly unassociated form.  This knowing can easily become blurred by intense desire.  Still we seem to always have some small part of us speaking the truth, knowing what is right.


5. Lost and FOUND










(12/8/13)  I'm getting better at having intent. Unfortunately I am reminded, most often in a desperate moment, when observing others and realizing I need to resume the practice. Otherwise I may take life happenings for granted.

Many people advocate intent. I employed this most of my early life. Forgetting to keep the pattern going, I realize I've lost sight of intent and discomfort rises as a late reminder. Unfortunately it is usually accompanied by fear.  Fear of never getting back on track. Fear of having lost what I believe to be my true self.  For me, that precious feeling of having every single cell in your body be truly joyful, bubbling with gratitude and life just falling into place as if I intended it to be that way.

I have said before, and will now accentuate with even more vigor.  Surround yourself with people who truly add to your life. Every aspect of your life.  Sometimes we can feel like we don't have a choice and are somehow trapped in a situation. That really truly isn't the case.  Why would it be? We all know it is us who ultimately make the final decision. Set yourself up for more conscience decision making.


4. Movement

(10/15/12)  As the self proclaimed modern day gypsy stretches or squeezes herself into a new location, there is seemingly continual movement.  I have learned how important it is to easily move into the space I have to paint both physically and mentally. It is everything to be present in order to be productive. Yet these collected moments of focus are as short for me as for many others.  Creating a space to create can be an art of it's own.  A safe place to expose my soul. Setting the mood for pleasure and coziness in my first studio outside my home.  So it begins!





3. All around...

Surround yourself with amazing people who aspire to inspire and enhance the world in one way or another...

Dawna Werbeski

(08/21/11)  I surround myself with these kinds of people and it has made my life full and glorious in simple and joyous ways.

That is what I would say to my little brother or sister if I had one.  A blood brother or sister if they would listen.  Instead I adopt people who I imagine are a likeness to my imagined sibling.  They bring me joy in small ways which are largely meaningful.  Plus they either laugh at my weak jokes, or ask for big sister advice.

Endless thanks to the universe for bringing so many fabulous people into my personal life.  I am blessed.