Accepting appointments! 

NEW location~ Squamish BC, the baby capital of Canada.

 Bookings are 2 weeks out for mornings and less than 1 week for an evening appointment.

To set up an appointment: email OR call 604-848-4480

    This is how the whole process works:  {Vancouver to Whistler B.C.}           

1. We will reserve a one hour appointment to take the impressions of your baby's feet right in the comfort of your own home. This is a non-toxic, completely comfortable process for your baby. Once I am confident we have excellent impressions, your part is complete.

2. I then take those impressions into my lab and transform them into amazingly detailed three dimensional plaster replicas of your child's feet. This is a meticulous, technique-sensitive process that usually takes two weeks to finalize.

 Here are some examples of finished Sweet Feet.



As you can see, each set of feet reflect the individuality of a baby. The tiny wrinkles and lines are not unlike our fingerprints.

FACT: Your baby's feet will grow to nearly half of their final adult length in the first year.

You will be able to compare and think back in amazement at how small they used to be and how fast they grow. Show them off to friends and family.

Send as a gift to distant grandparents. Just imagine how thrilled they will be to open this package with a three dimentional likeness of their very own granddaughter's or grandson's adorable tiny Sweet Feet. They will want to show them off to everyone with ovewhelming joy.


3. Once your Sweet Feet are finalized I will arrange a time for you to come to my home and receive them. I will present them to you and package them in beautiful protective packaging, ready for travel. The balance payment remaining will be due at that time.  Sweet Feet are swaddled in packaging safe for transport yet must be handled similar to glass. They are truly a work of art.

                        Sweet Feet are 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

 Not only for the rich and famous. A gift from Pippa to Prince William and Kate.

At $11,000.00 mind you.

Prince George's little life casts


To capture this adorable innocense... as tiny as possible or up to 6 months of age.

call  604.848.4480

Cherish your very own Sweet Feet memories for just $220.00 + $20.00 impression taking travel time for clients outside of Squamish.

Visa,Mastercard and Debit accepted.

An initial payment of 50% is due at your first appointment.

 The balance will be paid when you come to pick them up or I deliver them.

4. Sweet Feet can be sealed with a glossy or satin (more matte) finish. Or they can be left unsealed for you to add your own creative flair. I embed a stainless steel hook into the plaster at the back so you can safely hang them on the wall or attach them inside a shadow box frame. The choice is yours.


Your children will love looking at their Sweet Feet

as they see their own feet grow big and change shape. 

  **    *********************************************************    ** 

What Sweet Feet Moms and Dads have to say:


Dawna did Sweet Feet for our baby when she was 2 months old. We 
were nervous that our daughter would freak out since she is shy around 
strangers. She is also a very wiggly baby. We had our doubts that it would even 
work. Our daughter was perfectly behaved (Dawna has away with kids!) and 
she did not seem overwhelmed at all!
The whole 
process went very smoothly. 
It was an incredibly satisfying feeling to see those little models of her Sweet Feet next to our daughter's 
now much larger feet. Dawna 
puts a lot of attention to detail into making these Sweet Feet. They indeed turn out to be an 
amazing and beautiful memento. 


  I am so happy that Dawna made our son’s Sweet Feet for us. Our boys are growing up so fast that it is increasingly hard to remember just how tiny and perfect they were as babies, but to hold these feet takes me right back to that magical time.  Jack just loves to look at and touch his Sweet Feet and hear about his baby times.....and they are so well made that I have no qualms letting him feel and hold them for himself to see how much he has grown.  They are so, so special.

Dawna captured a unique time in their lives that we just could not have any other way.

She did an absolutely beautiful job and the whole process was a joy... 

            **    ********************************************************    **


I hope you do know that Lynn and Jade's Sweet Feet are truly what I treasure as a mother, even more so than photographs!  They are there for me to touch, and they are there for me to see how small they once were.  Everyday I look at them, and it reminds me of all the sleepless nights, the back pain while holding one of them on my hip and the other dragging on my other side while trying to cook and engage them.  I would do it all over again in a heart beat!  I think every mother should have this amazing memorabilia.  I just can't stop raving about your work!  I hope you will continue to make beautiful memories for years to come in many people's lives.


 **  ****************************************************************************  **

 Our daughter Grace was born 2 months premature and I was searching for a way to capture just how small she really was and doing Sweet Feet was the perfect way! They're a work of art with tons of wonderful memories attached. Dawna finishes and presents Sweet Feet so beautifully. They're a great way to complete a babys room. I'm so thankful I took the time to get this done as its something we will cherish for ever.

Thanks Dawna you did a fabulous job!

                               The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.

                                                                                                                  Leonardo da Vinci